Rif Addams: Motor-Assisted Bicyclist

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Rif Addams: Motor-Assisted Bicyclist

Tim Masterson The George A. Wyman Memorial Project, Inc.
Long before the Wyman Memorial Project began its efforts to promote the saga of the first long-distance motorcyclist, the motor-assisted bicycle community had adopted Wyman as its hero.  This group of enthusiasts looked to Wyman as the founding father of their sport and as an inspiration to keep the passion for motor bicycling alive.  No other member of the MAB community has done more to popularize the sport and bring attention to the Wyman saga than Rif Addams.  His 2003 centennial recreation of the Wyman's 1903 journey across America was an inspiring saga in its own right.  The Wyman Memorial Project is pleased to have Rif Addams as a member of our  Research Team and representing the MAB community on the Project.

Today, May 16, 2016 is the 113th anniversary of the start of Wyman's historic journey across America on a motorized vehicle.  To mark this occasion we pleased to share with you Rif's account of his quest to ride in the tracks of George A. Wyman.  (Tim Masterson, President, GAWMP)

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Re: Rif Addams: Motor-Assisted Bicyclist

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Hello, Tim. I am pleased as punch to have you visit our little place.

Your work at The Project has been so re-invigorating, for me personally, as a MaB enthusiast who has accepted George's mechanical parameters as part of the deal.

Every time I ride, short errand or long-distance, I feel connected to both the man and the bike. I like to think I do know how an avid bicyclist of the 1890's felt the first time he twisted a throttle. My single-speed 1.5HP engine with centrifugal clutch and a cogged belt are modern and more efficient & reliable, but the riding experience ie "man & machine" has to be almost exactly the same.

Rif Addams and I crossed paths a decade ago online, and have been real-life friends for almost exactly as long. He became an instant hero to me for introducing George Wyman, who also became an instant hero.

This weekend we are enjoying a reunion ride at my place, and tonite we got to share how exciting it is that The GAWMP is embracing the small slice of mechanical evolution that still is the Motor Bicycle.

Also, we're wishing we could have been in Colfax and are looking forward to hearing how the Plaque Ceremony went.
Even looking at a map takes on a different feeling, than it did in our pre-MB years. -bamabikeguy-
Get a bicycle, you will not regret it. If you live. -Mark Twain-
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