Lower powered power assist.

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Lower powered power assist.

HI everyone,
My name is Nevin.My wife and I are weekend
bike riders and we are both 65 yr.old.
Recently, she has vocalized that the hills were getting to her.She said it would be nice to have a system that would assist her up the hills a bit,but only when you want to engage it.
I've read several posts,but they all deal with
systems that are designed to give you power to go long distances without peddling, and even further if you do peddle.
Does anyone know of a system or a way,to give slight power assist,while going up 1-4%
grade ,while still peddling ?
Kind of like ,having my hand on her back while riding next to her, as we go up the hill,
just to give her that little extra assist,then you turn it off and continue peddling, as if on a regular bike ride.
I'm not sure how to calculate my needs for this ,but for the riders that like peddling, this would be a great little system.
We usually ride 10-20 miles while out,mostly on paved or hard packed dirt ,but no loose dirt ,mountain trails.
Her weight is about 150.
Any suggestions?
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Re: Lower powered power assist.

hello, Nevin, and the short answer for now is "yes." I'm upgrading your account so that you may use the rest of the forum. If you see any threads that interest you, feel free to comment or ask questions. Also, take advantage of our hosting and start a thread in "Bikes & Builds" with pictures of your bikes...that will go a long way towards getting the proper guidance.

welcome to our little place
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